Secure your Building and Optimize your Visitor Management Process

Effectively Track and Manage your Premises’ Visitors

An advanced tablet and desktop based visitor management patent pending software and a digital check-in platform that enables faster visitor check-in and improves visitors’ experience.

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With the changing scene and condition, working environment brutality and worldwide fear based oppression debilitate the security of faculty and property. At the point when office passageways aren't secure, organizations are defenceless – and subject.

The guest administration is tied in with controlling access, knowing who's in the building, and the individual whom the guest is seeing responsible for their guests.

As the anteroom is the primary line of resistance, it is essential for offices administration to get the appropriate framework to oversee the records of the guests.

Visitor Registration

Pre-register guests before they arrive. Select a host and schedule a visit with date, time and area data. Send the visit data to both the visitor and the host.

Send solicitations to pre-enrolled guests with visit points of interest incorporating bearings and registration strategies. Incorporate a standardized tag for simple registration upon entry.

Fast Data Capture

Get rid of long registration lines with QeyBox VMS. Registration can be completed and a badge printed in just seconds. Data can be pulled straight from driver licenses, business cards, or passports, eliminating the need for manual data entry

Bar Code Scanning

Print 1D and 2D barcodes on the visitor badges for fast scanning and accurate data collection during sign in and sign out.

Print barcoded visitor badges on Dymo or other popular label printers. If you would like to issue re-usable, durable visitor badges, such as those for use with access control systems, you can print and program access cards using any compatible PVC card printer.

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Capture Signature and Fingerprint

Capture your visitor’s signature and save it with their record; the signature can also be used to sign the NDA, terms of visitor safety regulations electronically.

Sign NDA

Draft your own NDA and require visitors to sign using an electronic signature pad or scan their signed document. Save an electronic copy of the signed NDA in the database for future reference. You can personalize the NDA by automatically populating the form with visitor information.


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Visitor Badge

Design custom visitor badges and print them using name badge printers. Use adhesive badges, self-expiring badges, or for repeat visitors, print plastic card badges.

Management log in portal

Management and or council will be given authorization in the review of the traffic to the estate live. Videos and Audio messages of the conversation between the officer and the visitors are also logged.   


Management can also be able to input details in the Estate Management Module which will details of the vehicles within the household.