Track time and Forecast productivity

QeyBox CMS - a big picture

Complete Control Over Your Organization’s Time And Attendance

Manage your dispersed workforce in real-time, apply relevant pay rules to ensure compliance and streamline your pre-payroll process.

Biometric attendance management

Biometric participation is the key to secure and dependable participation control. QeyBox Attendance gives confront participation, unique finger impression participation and iris participation to provide food for any security level necessity of a period following and access control. QeyBox Attendance bolsters biometric recognizable proof and expanded multifaceted individual ID confirmation with RFID or scanner tag. No additional time and participation fake, for example, pal punching. On the off chance that you require the more elevated amount of security alternatives, we prescribe utilizing unique mark and iris modalities.


Attendance  & Overtime Approval Solutions

Incorporated with Time and Attendance System to screen workers additional time. Ready to work with biometrics gadgets to keep track representatives participation. No falterings in favor OT, make finance figurings simpler.

Track and control mobile workforce

Location-based time and attending management is provided by exploitation Location restriction feature in QeyBox attending. By using employee location restriction or worker group location restriction, it will just about produce a geofence. Then the workers will solely perform arrival and check-out events solely inside the restricted space. Managers will read worker event locations from the control board.