Simple to manage suppliers & purchase orders



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Purchase modules lookout for all the processes that are a part of procurement of things that are needed for the organization.

Purchase module carries with it functionalities like supplier/vendor listing, provider & item linking, sending quotation request to vendors, receiving & recording quotations, analysis of quotations, preparing purchase orders, following the purchase things, getting ready GRNs (Good Receipt Notes) stocks reports.

Purchase module is integrated with Inventory module for updating of stocks.

Easily manage suppliers and purchase order

Suppliers and issuance of a purchase order can never be easier, with the process in place supply chain management and inventory management will be easier.

Automate your purchasing workflow

You may now automate your purchasing workflow by enabling triggering on low stock item, example, lanyard, name tag, uniform (Shirt, T-Shirt or Pants etc)

Choose the right method according to your needs: pre-generate draft invoices based on purchase orders and product receivables; create invoices manually and import lines from purchase orders, etc.

It is important to have provider pricelist as it can screen the begin and end date of certain advancement. This additionally enables the buyer to do arranging for Sales and promoting division.