Incident management and reporting software for event response and recovery

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Incident Reporting

Document the record of events, together with who, what, when and where. Complement these incident basics by adding documents, photos, videos, associated losses, responses, outcomes, involvements, and corrective actions. Events that square measure additional routine however still have to be compelled to be tracked (patrols, security escorts, alarm responses, etc.) will be documented using the built-in activity log. Occasional or remote users will log incidents or activities through a web portal.

Computer-Aided Dispatching

Distinguish occasions and deal with a reaction adequately by conveyance occasion recognizable proof, reaction administration, an officer and dispatcher correspondence into one application. Interface your dispatchers on to their officers with Resolver's Officer Mobile application and change them to share dispatch subtle elements, areas, and systems with speed and lucidity. With video, get to administration, and mass warning associations, dispatchers will screen for cautions and oversee reaction assets.

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End to End Solution

Add up to answer for reacting to, providing details regarding, and exploring episodes. It's a significant information base that will enable you to comprehend what's occurring and why, so you can oversee assets, limit effect, and anticipate occurrences.

It is vital for prompt directors and customers are informed by email or messages at whenever the obligation officer presents an occurrence report. The forefront obligation officers can append video, pictures, and sound from their shrewd gadgets straightforwardly to their occurrence reports. The module additionally influences the bleeding edge obligation to officer's reports in a flash accessible on the web for your approved clients when they are submitted.

Incident Checklist 

The Incident Checklist is a customizable 5-step procedure that the agency specifies ahead of time for all duty officers when they are responding to incidents. The Incident Checklist eliminates the need for the duty officers to have to dig through their post orders to ensure that they are following proper procedure. This ensures Appropriate Response and the officers are responding correctly

Daily Activity Reports 

Incident Reports
Ensures clients get reports Clients are emailed reports Real-Time report access Reports available online

Parking Violation Log 

Logging and tracking parking violators can be a time and paper intensive task. Using our Parking Violation Log gives the duty officers a quick and easy way to document parking infractions. After the officer records the violation it is instantly searchable and viewable by management on the web.