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Employee Equipment

once is that the warranty due to expire on them? how much did you pay? more importantly, who has got what device and, after they leave, are you able to take care that the device they're returning is that the one they were provide? Did you give them an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 and Other brands mobiles?

This is a true challenge for businesses and particularly for HR and managers who are usually the ones who are responsible for offboarding leavers – you need access to up so far and reliable info on what they were given so you can make sure the corporate gets back precisely what it should.  

Manage Equipment Maintenance Employees Easily

Keep all the information your business wants in one easy-to-access location

• Easily map work-orders, meter readings, and more.

• Keep track of all your components, jobs, and mechanics in one easy to find out interface.

• Keep track of labour orders, worker hours, and mileage while not complicated software• Tool and instrumentality database: List all the instrumentality you've got. Add relevant info like sort (computer, cable, mouse), brand, model, description, etc. we tend to also add the number of the label and every equipment’s serial number.

• Requests: instrumentality requests waiting to be consummated (they move to ‘in use’ once formal acknowledgement from the employee)

• In use: instrumentality presently appointed to associate employee

• Devolutions: instrumentality that was replaced available for any reason (no longer necessary, the worker is no longer working at the corporate, etc.)

• Under repair: broken instrumentality, undergoing repairs

• Obsolete: previous, broken or lost instrumentality, no longer functional.