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Process Automation

Workflow will allow you to automate control processes, assessments, alerts, notifications. QeySecure’s workflow tool is intuitive and completely configurable by the user, ensuring that you can easily automate any task, no matter how complicated. 

Prioritize Your Compliance Effort

Not all compliance activities and standards are equally important. Errors in compliance can result in exposure to risk, penalties and damage to your reputation. QeySecure’s Compliance app provides you with a complete picture of your compliance program, enabling you to confidently apply a risk-based approach to compliance management. Attain peace of mind that you have minimized the risk of noncompliance.

Track Issues and Ensure Accountability

An effective regulatory compliance framework is expected to monitor compliance across the entire enterprise, tracking compliance gaps and remediation efforts, and providing verifiable reports to senior management and the board.

Our platform allows compliance teams to define who is accountable, determine what types of issues are tracked, assign follow up, review issue reports, implement resolution strategies, and much more. Our powerful workflow tool and comprehensive dashboards make it easy to track issues and ensure accountability so you can be confident that your business is running smoothly.

Avoid Costly Remediation, Penalties and Reputation Risk

Rising regulatory scrutiny on compliance risk management is increasing the frequency of costly remediation, reputation damage and financial penalties. 

Our regulatory compliance platform is designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the security industry.